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Mye Sound has been offering time tested speaker stand designs for over 18 exciting years!

Panel speakers are tall and wide with very little to control the energy generated by the low frequency driver. This energy is transmitted to the baffle resulting in movement and thus distortion of the music (including the slight veil and also lack of lower end impact that many find with panel speakers). Lack of a rigid mounting surface, and both panel vibration and non-linear (top more than the bottom as the bottom is "fixed") fore and aft movement contribute to this.

With Mye stands in place the baffle is now triangulated with the (much improved over stock, including CNC machined brass points) base and struts for a dramatic increase in rigidity; a solid foundation for the drivers, and a resultant gain of clarity and dynamics.

I have applied this design principal to panel speakers to great effect. Adding Mye stands will not transform your speaker into something they are not (if you want a box speaker, buy a box speaker); they will simply allow them to perform their absolute best.

We provide personal service and exceptional quality.

If you're curious, no, this is not what feeds my family; it's a garage based business only. By day, 2 others and myself handle the mechanical estimating and drafting/drawing duties at a metal fabrication shop (www.monasheemfg.com).

Please keep your eyes on my site as I try to continually add products.

Mye Sound won a 2009 Editors Choice Award from The Absolute Sound; mention in issue 195, the full review was in the January 2010 issue.
 Also, Paul McGowan of PS Audio used our stands at audio shows including the 2010 CES. "...held up by Grant VanderMye's stands (that made a remarkable improvement)... the sound was the best we ever had at a show".

Please contact us should you have any questions.

Grant VanderMye
Mye Sound
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