About Us

For over 17 years we have built a solid reputation as a fantastic value for many models of speakers. We are committed to providing a quality product and service to the audiophile community. In issue 195 of The Absolute Sound, Mye Sound's Magnepan stands won a 2009 Editors Choice Award! The full review is in issue 199 (January 2010).

We also have stands for select Quad and Martin Logan models. If you have a model of any brand of speaker you would like pricing for please ask. I do not charge for design services. If you have any other types of projects in mind do not hesitate to contact me....

We live in Kelowna, which is in the center of "The Sunny Okanagan"; central BC about 1 hour north of the US border.

Grant and Shelly VanderMye

For more information, please see our Contact Us page

Mye Sound or anyone affiliated with Mye Sound is not responsible for any personal damage, or damage to property with the use of any product sold by Mye Sound.

Due to the high shipping prices of the products, all sales are considered final. Should the product fail to fit, Mye Sound will replace or fix the problem. Should the product be damaged in shipping Mye Sound will have the stands repaired or replaced. Should you be unsatisfied with the improvements brought on by the stands (yet to happen from what I know), we apologize, but to keep prices as low as possible we can't offer a return policy of any sort. We will however do our best to aid you in selling the stands.

Once metal is cut for any custom/non-standard model (anything other than 1.6, 1.7/i, 3.3 to 3.7i and 20 series stands) there will be anything from either a restocking fee or, depending on rarity of model and level of completion, only a partial refund (shipping, broker fee and any processes still remaining) if you wish to cancel your order. Please be certain before ordering "custom" models. I will work with you as much as possible and if other orders are pending for the same model I will refund (minus any PayPal fee if applicable) if at all possible.

Mye Sound reserves the right to modify designs on any or all aspects of the stands, or change pricing without notification.