Frequently asked questions

Are any modifications required to the speakers? No Mye Sound stand designs require any drilling, using only stock fastening locations (3.3 to 3.7i, 20 series and others) wherever possible, clamps (1.6, 1.7/i and a few others) otherwise. On special request I will offer a drill in top attachment for those who do not want clamps (1.6, IIIA, etc).

How and why do the stands work? An entirely new, much heavier one piece base is provided, along with struts which fasten about 2/3 up the rear of the panel stiffening the entire assembly. They are also supplied with CNC machined threaded brass points which stabilize the panels, allowing the panels to realize their full potential.

What are the stands made of? The bases are made of (heavier than industry standard) 0.100" thick 2 x 1" steel tubing. All end caps are welded (no plastic plugs here) and ground/filed smooth (LOTS of work here!). The struts are made from 1 x 1 x 1/8" thick 6061 "aircraft grade" aluminum tubing!

What processes do the stands go through? Fabrication (includes CNC router cutting, CNC lathe for points, sawing, drilling, welding, etc....), then final hand filing/sanding on noses, powdercoating, packaging and finally shipping.

What is a stealth model, and how does it differ from the standard model? The stealth model places the entire base behind the panel. Because of this the customer must supply and fix weight to the rear of the base to stabilize the stand/speaker assembly. Some are willing to live with this small "inconvenience", others not. Because of the additional weight, heavier duty points are included on 1 series and up models. The sound from either model is the same, as is the price.

Why is delivery from 3-6 weeks? See 2 lines above; there are many stages to these stands. I try to keep stock on the 3.6, but unfortunately I usually can't do so. Due to the fact that I offer a few color choices it's impossible for me to start stocking units not knowing what color the next customers may want. Pretty much guaranteed if I somehow got caught up enough to stock 2 or 3 pairs of texture black 3.6 stands (by far my best selling), I'd sell nothing but almond 1.6 stands.

Why does the shipping cost so much? The stands are heavy! They weigh approximately 60 pounds and are quite large. I make no money on the shipping. All prices noted on the pricing page include shipping (and applicable border fees for US bound shipments). Canadian shipments include taxes.

Why are the 20 series stands more money? Most people would be surprised just how much bigger the stands are as the models go up. The 3.6 stands will fit inside of a 20 series stand. Thus more steel is required, etc. Also, all models smaller than the 20 series get good usage from the raw materials. The 20 series stands are poor for material nesting every material. Shipping prices for the 20 series stands are also considerably higher (due to the weight and length of struts mostly).

What do you recommend for fill material? For those who feel the need, on the struts only I recommend pouring in reptisand (pet stores) or filtered sand. Better yet, use an aquarium sand by the tweeters and playground sand by the woofers. Let it settle naturally over time and add more if required. The bases in my opinion do not require filling.

Can I tilt the speakers and stands? Yes, the points are threaded. Threading the back in and front out allows rear tilt (and vice-versa).