Please note there are other colors available (matte silver, red, white, etc.). Let me know if you want something not shown on my site.

Standard lead time for stands to the powdercoating shop is 1-2 weeks from date of order. From there it greatly depends on what color you choose, and to some degree when, as to the turn around time at powdercoating.

Texture (my "standard" finish) and semi-gloss blacks are both run approximately once a week
Flat black is run around once every 1-2 weeks
Almond is run around once every 2 weeks spring and summer, once every 3 weeks or so fall and winter,
Other finishes such as silver & grey vary greatly, best to ask at time of order, but once every 2-4 weeks is about right.

And approximately one more week after coating for packaging and transit.

Total delivery time thus ranges from ~4-5 weeks depending on model and color choice, plus circumstance (happening to hit the powdercoating shop when they're loading your color soon or not so soon thereafter for example).

First picture shows texture black, matte black and semi-gloss black respectively from bottom up.

Almond on new style MMG's.

ASA 70 and matte silver, another couple options.

Silver vein, another nice (not run as often) option:

Safety orange!? Why not...