Please review testimonials of a few various customers who can tell the full story for you....

Mye Sound's Magnepan stands also won a 2009 Editors Choice Award from The Absolute Sound. See issue 195 and full review in issue 199.

Mark, MI (LRS)

Hi Grant, received and installed the stands yesterday. Imaging center fill, and focus were entirely transformed, went from frustratingly diffuse (no amount of speaker repositioning helped) to spot on. I was beginning to think Magnepans had inherent focus problems, but your stands solved that.
Good work and thanks!


Mario, GA (LRS)

Hi! I finally receive the Magnepan LRS speakers after a 3 month wait. The demand for these is very high. In any case, I listened to them with the factory supports for 3 days and they blew me away. The sound reproduction is incredible. I then installed the Mye bases and WOW!!!!! The bass became much tighter and I believe the soundstage expanded more. I highly recommend these speakers and would go further and recommend that they be used with your stands.


Bill, IL (3.7)

Packaging A+
Finish A+ Matte black and not even a hint of a scratch
Fit A+ Fit my 3.7's perfectly
Bass is tighter 'n a frozen lug nut and faster 'n a NYC cabbies' horn
If you already love the sound of your 3.7s and want to kick em up a notch, you should consider Mye stands.

Thanks a lot.


Edwin, Vancouver BC (20.7)

Just wanted to give you an update on how happy I am with the stands...
I'm not one who gets hyperbolic with describing changes and upgrades to the audio system, as too often I've been underwhelmed after reading rave reviews on the forums and in magazine reviews about a particular product. That said, what I heard is a tightening of the bass for better articulation and dare I say, even deeper bass. It was a very pleasing upgrade and the elimination of flex, when I move the speakers is very reassuring...
You'll see two subwoofers (in the pictures), but I haven't turned them on since installing the stands, as I've been listening to what the 20.7's can do on their own... thank you very much for a fantastic product that made a meaningful difference for my Magnepan speakers.

Jeff, IL USA (3.7i)

Received and set up. Love your stands. I will not let go of my Maggies / Mye Stands again (repeat Maggie/Mye owner).
"Maggies" sound great. "Mye Stands" make them sound stunning. Thanks Grant.


Vlad, Venice FL USA (1.7i)

Hi Grant,
I’ve installed the Stands.  And improvements they brought to my System are above all my expectations. Thank you for that. I believe Magnepan for its own good should sell their panels equipped with your Stands. At least they should make their customers aware of this valuable option. As for me, I read about your Stands on one of the forums that I stumbled upon by mere chance. 
Thanks again,

Suresh, India (3.7i)

Your stands are doing great with me.
Please please do put me on your list of "Most Satisfied Customers". Being a Maggie user since about 1975 and having gone thru 6 odd pairs I would know the difference your stands make.                       

Mark, Surrey BC Canada (.7 stands)

Sorry for the long delay in providing feedback. The stands have been installed for a couple months now and there is a definite improvement in the performance of the Maggie .7’s - especially in the articulation (focus) of the individual instruments and vocals. The difference is especially noticeable when we’re working around the house and have the stereo up loud. Everything sounds clearer no matter where we are in the house. The room fights back a bit, but this is a great starting point to work from.

Marc, Norco CA (3.7i horizontal center):

As a testimonial for doing the center channel with the Mye horizontal stand I believe this is THE way to go. The whole theater is more dynamic and alive. Also great for music and adds volume and power to the system because there is less stress to the front Right and Left speakers and amplifiers.  I also consider it more cost effective than the Magnepan center for over $3000 with
nowhere near the speaker surface area. I  Obviously like it a lot.    Thanks,  Marc 

Rob, Red Lodge MT (ESL57 stands):

Grant’s Mye Stands did exactly what I was hoping: to rigidly couple the ESL57's to the floor and to raise them up to what, from my research is the optimum height.  The result does not “transform” this speaker.  Who would want to transform an ESL57 into anything else?  Grant’s stands simply bring the attributes of this iconic speaker more into focus.  

You might have a similar story to mine. I have been into audio and music for decades. Yet, I never could get out of my head a memory from 1982. That was when I had heard a old pair of just traded in 57s at my local shop. They demoed their “go to" female vocal and I was mesmerized. To use a hackneyed old phrase, it truly was as if she were singing directly to me.  I think it was a combination or imaging and resolved detail that only a 57 seems to accomplish.  When I finally bought a pair of 57s a few years ago, I was beginning to think I had deluded myself all those years.  My 57’s, sitting on the floor in their stock configuration, never could recreate what I heard 35 years ago.  After some experimentation and a lot of research and conversation on the web, I decided stands were the answer.  Probably the most telling thing I can say is, I was not disappointed!  Add to that Grant’s obvious craftsmanship, and the ability to have your Quads in your living room without it looking like you just inherited Auntie Maude’s space heaters, and I think Grant’s stands are a no-brainer.  

To break the effects of Mye Stands down into audiophile terms, I would say Imaging is significantly improved; Resolution Of Detail is improved; and as a result of those two, the “You Are There” Quality is greatly improved.  Tone is the most subjective attribute, so let me say that out of 15 or so speakers I have owned over the years there are only three that have given me consistent enjoyment: the ESL57; the Spendor SP-1 and the Vandersteen 5.  To me, many speakers sound thin, etched, strident and unmusical. On the Mye Stands, the nearly unique ability of the Quads to offer full-bodied midrange while also giving near-SOTA detail only got better.  The bass seems tighter and faster, but the muddiness goes away.  To my ears, those two things equalled out to give about the same perception of amount of bass while the quality of the bass was improved. 

But why not lift your Quads off the floor and listen for an extended time at various heights before ordering?  This will not give you the full effect of having highly rigid stands tightly coupled to the floor, but it will give you an idea of any changes in the lower octaves. One of the great things about Grant is his willingness to customize.  I found 14-15” to be ideal, you might find a slightly different height works better for your ears and your situation.  

Hi Grant,

I got everything set up and running now and have had a chance to really take a good listen. 

As I probably mentioned earlier, my room is finely tuned with all sorts of tricked out acoustic treatments etc. I had the room designed by a U.S. company (Obsession Audio - Scott Mayo) and it is my 3rd room from Scott. The room is highly sensitive. I mean, any little change I make I can truly hear the difference. 

Your stands made a huge difference to the Maggies. Before the stands, the bass was blooming and lacked ultimate control. I was 80% the way there but wasn't completely happy with what I was hearing. I was beginning to think it was the room design and had gone back and forth with Scott Mayo on numerous occasions trying to get different computer models for what might be happening in the listening position. I couldn't find any problem but I knew what I was hearing wasn't quite right. The stands changed all of that!

Bass is now tight and far more realistic. The overall staging and placement of voice and instruments just seems grounded and more accurate in every way. Everything just popped into place and has a sense of "rightness" to it. In one word, I am thrilled with the outcome! I would guess it is at least a 30% improvement in sound quality - which as you know is a huge jump in this hobby. 

I can't imagine the Maggies without your stands. I can't imagine Magnepan not having an option for buyers to include your stands with any speaker purchase. They are a must for true Maggie enthusiasts. 

Great job!

I will be ordering some brass floor protectors from you soon.



Pearl Audio Video (OR): One of my good friends who bought Magnepan 3.6′s (and now MG 3.7′s) had them put on and to me they brought the 3.6 about 1/3 the way to the 20.1. Link

Part Time Audiophile: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2011/09/28/mye-sound-rock-solid-magneplanar-3-7-stands/

Gordon, Sammamish WA:

Just a brief note to add more positive comments about the Mye stands and the effect on Magnepan speaker sound reproduction.

I've had the Stealth model in matte black installed on my 3.7s for about 6 weeks. The 3.7s are part of a 7-panel LCR home theater set up (2 x DWM, 2 x 3.7, 1 x Tri-center (CCr + 2 x MMC2). The walls and ceiling are painted a deep indigo and the carpeting is a dark gray. The Maggies are all matte black w/gray cloth.

Part of the installation involved stabilizing the stealth bases. I used two pieces of leftover 3/4" MDF cabinet material I had which I cut to fit the bases (espresso stained wood facing, I painted the edges matte black). I went to a local Pier 1 Imports and purchased two black velvet pillows that had zipper access for the insert. I replaced the insert with two heavy-duty plastic bags (one inside the other) and filled them with 60# of builders sand. I duct-taped the bags closed, zipped up the covers, hefted the pillows to the stands and smoothed the material. Looks great and with the points you supply the speakers are rock-solid!

Now on to the sound. My Maggie dealer was at the house two days after I installed the stands. He's a long-time Maggie proponent and has two Maggie-based systems at his own house. We both noticed improvements in the definition at all frequencies. The mid-bass was tighter, voices a tad more clear, and the very high-end detail extended just a bit farther up the frequency scale.

Overall, a noteworthy improvement. Maggies sound very, very good. The Mye stands made them sound better. At $600+/- this was a very good investment indeed.

One other benefit - in our HT room the right channel is close to the room entry and my wife and our guests were (unfortunately) bumping into the speaker from time to time. With the Mye stand/point/60# sand combination that speaker might as well be riveted to the floor!

David; Prosper TX:                        

I got the MYE stands a couple of days ago and installed them on my MG 20.1's.  I did a careful A-B by listening to my usual suspect reference tracks* just before and just after installation.  It took about 90 minutes to install and 'settle' them on their spikes, so my auditory memory only had to last that long.

We audiophiles think nothing of spending hundreds on a tweak like myrtle wood cable stand-offs that have very subtle effects.  We'll spend thousands on equipment racks and interconnects also with relatively subtle effects.  So I thought, given the attention cone speaker manufacturers give to rock solid cabinets and leveling on spikes, it only made sense that Maggies would benefit as well, and with the MYE stands at less than $700 all in it seemed a low risk bet compared to other tweaks.

My assessment is that the MYE stands impact is not subtle.  My ears say their effect is exponentially greater than other tweaks, even greater than cable upgrades.   Frankly they border on component upgrade level of improvement.

The first impression was that bass extension goes down at least another 1/2 octave, maybe more.  Second impression was how much more articulate and musical the bass is.  Then I noticed that voices are more life-sized and tonally balanced.  Then I noticed greater articulation of instruments and finally that upper octaves like cymbals were at once more defined, had more air and were sweeter sounding, more effortless and natural.

The stands themselves are very solid, weighty and well constructed and the welds and finish are factory quality, as good or better than the stock stands.  They come with large brass points that are easy to adjust.  The instructions were accurate and easy to follow.  You do need a buddy to help move the speakers off the original stands and then back onto the MYE stands and hold them upright and in place while you finger tighten the bolts.  It is worthwhile to carefully solidify the speakers on the MYE stands by adjusting the brass points until the speakers feel rock solid when you gently try to shake them.

Bravo Grant

Darryl, Vancouver BC (1.7):
Hey Grant
thought you might like to hear reactions from your newest club member !
1. ok, would not have guessed that increased frame rigidity would result in a basic transformation of the sound. My instinctive reaction was 'more solid', and this is bottom to top. Simply more presence. Not slam for sure, but no floating anymore, this is anchored sound. 
2. Imaging and clarity (again top to bottom) are taken to an AUDIBLE new level. Passages I have heard many before are now simply doing stuff in the sound stage they did not do before; placement, and movement (ambient stuff).
3.Resolutions of all sounds that naturally fade (pick your percussion, piano, guitar included) are now, beyond my experience to date, audible as such. my very sincere thanks Grant  !
                        Doug VA (1.7 stealth):

In regards to the improvement of the sound, I am thrilled with the results.  The change was immediately apparent.  Bass tautness now had authority.  Midrange muddiness was reduced.

Clarity of sound became independent of volume level, because details do not become obscured by “cabinet” frame vibrations with the stands in place.  When the house is quiet I can turn the volume down 12 dB or more and the clarity and spaciousness remains, as does bass tautness.  Textures on strings are rendered with such delicateness and authority that I loose hours just listening again.

The sound produced by the speakers is truly near-perfect.  The speakers disappear.  Music now emanates from the space outside the speaker not just from within diaphragm region but from where the instruments were relative to the microphones.  The total clarity is breath-taking.  When single voices or instruments begin the presence is delightful.  Even more rewarding is that as other instruments and voices are added in and the complexity of the music increases greatly, the clarity of the individual instruments remains unmarred.

As a result, I have now re-ripped nearly my entire music library from 320kbps ACC to lossless because the difference is clearly audible. 

John, OR (1.7):
ok grant. here it is.
i cannot recommend the magnepan 1.7 on the standard feet.
i cannot recommend this speaker highly enough when mounted on the myestand.
the stands (and the speakers) are that good. i was worried that i had made
an error in buying these speakers, the sound was unfocused with confused
soundstaging and little depth. bass was weak.
with the myestands, these issues vanished. in fact the system vanished! only
the music remains, hanging there in the listening space. the fit, finish,
and fabrication of the myestands are flawless. thank you so much!

George, Australia (3.7) "Dear Grant, The stands have arrived ,they are installed and they are wonderful!!!!!!!!! ,both in performance and in quality of manufacture. Thank you, Have a great weekend Cheers George"


Finn, Norway (3.7): "Hi Grant! The stands are here in perfect condition,thanks to the exelent wood boxes. The sound is better than ever. I will come back to you,when the 20.2 is on the market.A few photoes to show that your gear is working. Thank you very much for your time and exelent service!! Yours Finn"


Simon, CA (3.7): "The stands has arrived a few days ago. The hardest thing for me is just to call my friend to borrow 120lbs of sandbags (stealth). The actual assembly took less than an hour. I guess having lived with 1.6 stands helped. And the sound? It meets my expectation, which is that you've done magic to the 3.7! Thank you so much, Grant!"


Dean, MN (3.7): "Hi Grant, The 3.7 stands arrived today. Thanks again but this will be the last thing I'll buy from you! The 3.7s will be the last speakers I buy also. Can't believe I had more requests for the 1.7 stands than I did for the speakers that I just sold. I told all of them to give you a call and buy some already. So, if you get a bunch of calls/email from Minnesota you'll know why. Many thanks. Dean"

Ed, Vancouver (20.1): I have a chance to audition the speakers now with the Mye stands and the sound is stunning, a huge improvement from before in term of clarity, 3 dimensionality, and speed. I could swear I hear the bass goes down by at least 20 hz and pretty much negate my wanting for a sub-woofer, or a pair of subs. The bass is much bouncier than before, and much more lively. It really transforms the Maggies. Any hint of bass and mid range muddiness are all gone, and the sound is pristine like a cold drink in a hot summer day. I couldn't believe it. This is the best $600 I ever spent in hifi. The improvement is like going from a Audio Research Ref. 5 to a Ref 40 preamp and I am not exaggerating. Even digital is really good now, but of course analog is still the king. I was listening to Jennifer Warnes The Well, and the definitions, sonic differentiation, clarity of background locals are unlike what I heard before. It is the feeling like when I was auditioning the Clearaudio Statement turntable; I listened to it for about an hour, left for fear of writing a cheque for $200K to buy it. The improvement in the Maggie 20.1s with the Mye stands are resembling the difference between a Clearaudio Master Reference and their Statement Reference turntable. In my honest opinion, the Mye stands are way under-priced for the improvements that it yields on the Maggies. Wow !!!!"

Niels, Denmark (1.6):
I am very pleased to inform you that my stands arrived two days ago, and let me rush to inform you; you have one more happy customer. 
Perfect packaging. The best I’ve ever seen in actual fact.
Clear and easy to understand assembly instructions. Assembly and mounting took less than an hour. No problems at all, - and I did all of it alone.
Huge compliments to your workmanship. Perfect fit and finish. In particular I like the points & pads. They are almost bijou.
Great aesthetics. To be understood in the sense, that the Maggies look significantly better on a pair of Mye Stands. Definitely more elegant I’d say. This I didn’t expect.

As to the sound, - WAUW !!! This is resolutely the real thing.
Better bass extension combined with a dramatically cleaner bass. Better articulation throughout the frequency range.
This is by far the most rewarding upgrade I’ve ever done. The good thing is, you can hear it instantly. The difference is so great that there is no doubts or second thoughts, - this is a huge leap in the right direction.
I dare say, one has never heard what a pair of Maggie 1.6 is capable of doing, before they’ve heard them in combination with Mye Stands.

Your TAS Award is 100% well deserved.

Thanks Grant. Should you ever want a reference, i.e. a person willing to demo your stands to prospective customers, in Denmark, well then you have it now.

Olivier Monte Carlo (1.6):
Tout d'abord, Grant is quelqu'un de très sympathique, prenant soin de ses clients; après achat, tout est suivi, et même si l'envoi a été long pour l'Europe, tout est bien arrivé et bien protégé.
Le montage s'est fait facilement à une seule personne.
Après un bon mois d'écoute, le gain sur les basses est évident: plus nettes, franches, profondes, et j'entends même maintenant les basses de faible niveau: bref, un plaisir et un très bon investissement.
Ayant changé deux autres éléments peu de temps après (source et préampli), il m'est difficile de faire la part des choses entre les pieds et/ou le reste...

First of all, Grant is someone very sympathetic, taking care of his customers; after buying, he keeps taking care, and even if the transport have been long for Europe, all is well arrived and greatly protected.
The installation process was easy, even if I was alone.
After a good month of hearing, the gain on bass is evident: more net, frank, deep, and I can even hear light bass: in short, a real pleasure and a very good investment.
As I have changed other elements (source and preamp) a short period after that, it's difficult for me to say where the amelioration(s) come from, stands and/or the rest...

Mike MD (3.6):  
I have installed the stands, a process that we found pretty efficient due to your excellent instructions.  I  turned the amp off in the process, and it takes four days for it to be fully " righteous", so my reactions come about halfway thru that process. (system is a full Ayre stack:  CX7-xeMP, K3-x, V1-xe.  all cables are the twice golden ear'ed Empirical Design)  I am struck by the degree of change, especially by the improvement in musicality -- as Count Basie said, makes you want to pat your foot -- the way notes start and stop, how one can follow each musical line independently all the way thru the mix.  There is a significant and moving increase in presence on vocals and solo instruments.  Not only is there more frequency extension and an increase in dynamics and punch, but at the same time notes have a delicacy about them that draws you in. In one listening session, Segovia and the Eagles live like I have never heard these recordings speak.
I have spent considerable time with 20.1 in store settings so I know what the big brothers can sound like. Who knew the 3.6's could do this?!
Thanks for your assistance, the quality of your product, and for helping me to enjoy the music I have so much more.

Jean-Yves Quebec City (20.1): “Mye Sound” or “The state of the art” in speakers stands bases.

Definitely, I think that everyone who buy Maggies speakers, should definitely consider getting the “Mye sound” speakers stand system .The improvement is so great and allow the listener to really appreciate the “state of the art” of this product. I have the impression to have made a major change by adding new speakers. But, nevertheless, it’s the same speakers (MG 20.1) but with “very good tires” and, for all seasons. The listening is very impressive....


1) The soundstage is the greatest improvement. 

2) The dynamic range is superb.
3) The attacks are more precise and the rhythm of the melody is interesting to follow. The timbre of voices is amazing. It’s a new discovery…GREAT! 

4) The bass section is deep and tight and very well definite. It’s a major gain with the “Mye Sound” speaker stand bases. The bass has a definite sound, an A is an A, an E is and E etc. It isn’t an approximate sound; it’s really a true note also in the 25-60 Hz frequencies.

5) The product is very professional. It’s genius....


Juergen, Germany (20.1) More control, more stage, more room and less harshness. Great great great!!!!!

Frank, NC (3.6) ...
I cannot believe what they did for my system; I read a lot about the  effects but did not expect what I heard. I finally have the sound I have been looking for all these years.

Teajay (MG20) (partial from
Audiogon review) ....To say I'm enthralled with what the Mye Stands did for the performance of my MG-20's would be an under statement! All this for a total of $600.00. If you own any Maggies, regardless of the model, you really owe it to yourself to put them on Mye Sound stands. My experience now is that you really don't know what sonic performance Magnepans have to offer when used on those dinky stock footers, unless you cement them away from performance killing vibrations with Grant's custom stands!

Steve, NY (MGIII): I have been able to accumulate a good number of hours listening to my MG3's with the Mye stands with many different recordings and I have to say they have exceeded my expectations. I had read many examples of positive feedback on them before I decided to get them for myself, and I have to agree that they fix problems I never knew I had!
I filled the bases with copper shot (BB's) and put repti-sand in the support arms.  It wasn't an easy task but I suspect the extra weight helped make them more secure. I have to be careful to say that I was happy with the way the speakers sounded before I replaced the original bases. The bass is much tighter and better defined than before I installed your stands. There is more depth to the sound field and cleaner placement of the sound sources. The midrange is smoother and the overall effect is a more pleasing blending of the whole range of frequencies. The balance of the speakers is really exemplary now. Even after several months of listening I am still impressed by the changes. I would have to say that anyone who has a system with Magnepan speakers and is interested in upgrading should get the Mye stands first. The only way for a sound system to reach it's full potential is to first have the speakers at their full potential. That is what your stands have done for my Maggies!

Graeme, IL (3.6): Finally got around to installing the stands – WOW, what a difference!!!  Everybody talks about the improvement in bass, but I hear it most in the reduction of midrange “fuzz”.  Coming from Thiel CS 3.6’s, I always thought the MG 3.6R’s sometimes had a resonance or sibilance on some vocals – almost like cone breakup.  That has been completely eliminated now!  Other improvements include bass control, imaging focus, overall transparency, and what I think is better integration of the tweeter with the rest of the panel.  As others have stated, your stands are a huge sonic upgrade and are an absolute bargain for what they do!

Bill, IL (3.6): They arrived yesterday and within an hour I had them assembled and I was listenning to what sounded like a new set of speakers. You've probably heard it all before. Just add me to the list. The difference is more then just noticable......it's uncanny.  I had the opportunity to listen for awhile before my wife arrived home and when we talked on the phone she asked if I thought there was a change. I told her that I wasn't going to say anything. I would just let her listen to something she really liked and then would wait for her reaction. LOL........she couldn't believe it. The first thing she said was, "You mean just the stands did that?"  She kept accusing me of changing something else.  It was rather late so she didn't have much time to sit and listen but she was impressed with what she heard.  Enough so that she suggested that we might want to consider buying a pair for our 1.6's we have in the rear.  We'll have more time to spend listenning tonight. We just may be in touch with you again in the near future........LOL

Thank you for a fine product, Bill and Peggy
Rob, MT (ESL-57): I think the marketplace sincerely needs these.... She always HATED the Quads because they looked ancient and were short and squatty--just strange looking....  Now, with the stands, I think even she is surprised at how totally the look is transformed to something elegant and modern. I am definitely happy with the stands and their sonic improvement.  I do think they came out beautifully.... In fact, with your stands, I think the Quad ESL may become the highest WAF panel speaker there is.


Donald, Texas (20.1): Setting a Base: With incredible discipline, I spent Saturday with an audiophile buddy and we listened to my system sans Mye Stands to build a tonal baseline for comparison.  The final session included:


Adam:  Giselle (Fistoulari) Mercury SRI-2-77003

Auber:  Marco Spada (Bonynge) London CS-6923

Hérold-Lanchbery:  La Fille Mal Gardée (Lanchbery) Decca SXL-2313 Reissue

Holst:  Suites (Fennell) Telarc DG-5038

Saint-Saëns:  Danse Macabre (Frémaux) EMI Q4ASD-3008

Shostakovich:  Symphony 11 (Berglund) EMI SLS-5177


Ports of Call (Oue) Reference Recordings 80 HDCD

Rachmaninoff:  Symphonic Dances (Oue) Reference Recordings 96 HDCD

Installing the Stands:

Grant sent everything on the parts list and the directions were really clear with good illustrations.  All you really need is a Philips screwdriver.  After reading the instructions several times, I enlisted my wife to help me install the stands on Sunday evening.  All of my buddies were gearing up for New Year’s Eve Celebrations.  I married an audiophile wife.  This Christmas, I got my ARC VT103SE retubed and completely reconditioned at AR (instead of buying a ARC HD220) and then ordered the Mye Stands.  For my Christmas present, my wife bid on and won a beautiful pair of mahogany Zoethecus Z 5R racks that matched my amp stands.  Installation went well but handling a 100 lb. speaker is tricky, especially when trying to shim it so the bottom bolts will easily slide into the sockets without stripping.  She was a trooper and did yeoman’s work, lifting and holding the speakers while I attached the stands.  Grant did a meticulous job, the upright braces fit exactly on the screw holes ca. 4’ high on the back of the speaker.  Upon completion, I joyfully turned on the system to let it warm up.  My wife then saved me from complete disaster and audiophile hell when she said, “Don’t you want to take those ‘Thingies’ off the tweeters before you listen.”  Grant, you really need to put a reminder in the instructions to “Take the ‘Thingies’ off the tweeters before listening.”

First Impressions:

First listening session on Sunday evening:  When listening to the same final session music with the Mye Stands installed, it was not hard to hear immediate differences in the sound.  The stands have as great an effect on my system as any component upgrade I have made.  In my journey with MG20.1s, I am constantly reminded that I am just now beginning to take a measure of the speaker’s capabilities.  It seems that all the upgrades simply free up the speaker to reach its waiting potential.  I am now approaching a 6:1 ratio of components, cabling, and racks versus speakers and I can confidently say that the speakers are still not the weak link in my system.  I sure would like to try ARC REF 610Ts, but I cannot afford the cost or stand the heat.  But, I bet they would sound great with the MG20.1s.

While one listening session is certainly not adequate to take stock of the Mye Stands, some clear-cut audible improvements were readily apparent:

  1. Bass with greater quality, quantity, and depth.  The low bass is really incredible.  It has a new power, weight, and clarity of pitch, even on the lowest notes.  On bass drum, the sound comes at you in waves.  For the first time, I am really satisfied with the bass on full orchestra literature.
  2. The entire musical spectrum has greater clarity.  Until adding the Mye Stands, I always prided the Maggies as being one of the most transparent speakers I have heard.  However, the Mye Stands illustrate just how much more can be achieved.  Listening to full orchestra, one can hear all of the instruments more clearly and follow their musical lines with better delineation.  There is also an absence of distortion that I had not even realized was present.  Passages with loud, high-pitched instruments are now clear as a bell.  I now realize that I am hearing them for the first time with far less edginess and distortion. 
  3. The most unexpected and surprising change in the system was in the treble.  From previous postings on AA, I had well expected a better bass and even more clarity.  What I did not expect was a “sweeter” treble.  I don’t know if it is the increased bass quality or decreased extra movements by the speakers but there is now a focus and sweet richness to the treble that has never been there before.  I listen to a Linn LP12 (Ekos, Trampoline, Cirkus) with an Akiva cartridge that is noted for its speed.  Now I hear the speed of the Akiva with the warmth and tonal richness of a Koetsu “Urushi.”  Remarkable!
  4. Another interesting change.  The system sounds more at ease.  I find that I can turn the system up one full notch in volume without any change in the beauty of the sound or any hint of harshness.  Previously, that setting added enough edge that I always backed it down one notch.

    I don’t know why all of these changes in sound can happen just by rigidifying the MG20.1s but the Mye Stands do an incredible job in allowing the speakers to sound their best.  Everyone kept telling me, “You need to get Mye Stands.”  Now I know why.  You really haven’t heard MG20.1s until you add the stands.  I can now relate to all the comments I hear regarding Peter Gunn’s upgrading of Maggies.  You don’t know what you have been missing until you hear them with a proper stand.  If I were a Magnepan dealer, I wouldn’t sell a MG20.1 without recommending Mye Stands.

Further Listening:

Just returned from a New Year’s Eve party but just had to listen to the new set-up.  In order of listening:

Massenet:  Le Cid (Frémaux) Klavier KS-522 Reissue

Rodrigo:  Concierto de Aranjuez (Marriner) Philips 9550-563 Reissue

Shostakovich:  Symphony 15 (Haitink) London CS-7130

Rachmaninoff:  Symphonic Dances (Oue) Reference Recordings 80 HDCD

All previous observations held true.  Tonight’s listening gives a realization that there is a greater “lifelike” quality to the instruments that is incredibly involving.  The Mye Stands brings the sound much closer to realizing the eternal quest for “The Absolute Sound.”  In addition to lower bass, greater clarity, and a sweeter top end, the ability to hear the trailing off of individual notes following attacks is really remarkable.   Grant, you are a genius!

Barry, Vancouver B.C. (Quad 988): ....I can tell you that the improvement with your stands is very noticeable. Immediately I noticed a clearer and higher/elevated soundstage. Bass is tighter, midrange is clearer and during complex musical passages I can hear more of the individual instruments with less confusion.... I didn't expect the stand improvement to be as significant as I had with my Maggies. This is not the case. Your stands actually make a larger improvement on the 988s. Images are rock solid with better micro and macro dynamics. All of the frequencies are improved but the most significant change for me has been the improved congruency of the soundstage.

Stephen, Germany (3.6 stealth)

Peter, WA: "I just wanted to let you know that everything went without a hitch in unpacking and setting up your stands for the 20.1.  I am very happy with them and impressed with the results.  I had a 15 yo neighbor boy out helping me set them up, and we listened together before and after the installation.  We both heard greater definition of instruments, particularly more realistic timbres.  Besides sounding more real, each instrument stood out more distinctly.  Overall, the music was more convincing than it already was.  Definitively a worthwhile improvement."

Larry, CA (Tympani IVA)

Mike, CA: My 20.1's have been on your stands for several weeks now and I must tell you they are fantastic. I swear they added a subwoofer all by themselves. Not only is the bass much deeper, but its quality is also much improved. It is more coherent and seems better defined. The midrange is also somewhat more focused, although not to the extent of the bass.
Also, these stands just plain look good (much better then the stock (silly) "stands" that came with the speakers. The workmanship is impeccable. I filled them with leadshot (although you have no idea how hard it is to find that stuff).
Working with you was a complete pleasure and I could not be more pleased.

Israel, FL: 1st impressions - Much more rigid mount than I had before. The panels just do not move at all now. On my wooden trussed stands I could get a little give at the top and a push up there would get me a short ½ cycle or so to return to rest. On your stands they just don’t budge. There is no comparison at all to those stock “springs” Magnepan supplies.
WAF is improved (something I was worried over). My DIY design is very furniture-like, basically to placate my wife who liked the original minimalist look of the stock legs. Your stands show less material from the front and your steel struts are roughly half the profile of my wooden struts. I think your stands look sleeker than mine even though obviously more massive when you compare the two; they are certainly much more rigid than I could achieve in wood. Brass points a definite “dress-up” over my black originals – Thumbs up from wife and visiting mother. Put on a couple of Jazz CDs and vinyl for a test drive – Definitely more bass – Not so much difference in overall slam from my old DIY stands, but able to hear more strings/notes than before and could “feel” more of the music. Quite a noticeable improvement in overall clarity and detail. Got several unsolicited comments about that and Lori remarked a couple of times that she couldn’t believe the new stands would make the difference she was hearing. Vocals (female so far) have more easier to discern details. Soundstage seems to have moved forward a bit from before (a good thing) and the sweet spot is more focused. Imaging is a good bit better than before. I’m very pleased, especially so since I had gotten such a dramatic improvement from my wooden DIY stands initially and wasn’t sure what to expect with this upgrade. The incremental differences with the Mye stands are very tangible and that is without adding any additional weight or dampening to the stands. Given what I am hearing, it’s easy to understand how people switching from the stock Maggie legs to your stands can be so blown away by the improvements. You have a well designed and manufactured product that enables a really fine speaker system to perform dramatically better than it does on its own. (1.6)

Joe, VA (1.6)

Andrew, IL: I have just assembled your stands to my MG20s and truly enjoyed the initial listening session.  I played a couple of my old favorites such as Holly Cole's "Don't Smoke in Bed" and perceived the following:

First, the changes were all very positive as I noted increased definition in the bass and midrange at least.  I can make out more of the lyrics and the music is both more articulate and more uh, shall we say,  musical.  The music "flowed" and was consistently much more enjoyable as I actually sensed the musicians and their tunes rather than just hearing nice sounds coming via the loudspeakers.   Holly's already beautiful expression was exquisitely enhanced and the bassist' playing was rendered even more phenomenal.

I have been making progressive "improvements" to my evolving system for 30 years and I believe these stands are responsible for no doubt the biggest improvement that I've ever heard.  Again, must stress that I am at last getting to the  music and that is huge.  As I rarely give accolades to anyone, this is substantial praise coming from an otherwise reticent bloke.

I have a dedicated music room on our lower level and the floor is concrete.  I used your spikes provided which should have penetrated the carpet and carpet-pad.  There may be more definition available as I add more weight;  if so, good.  If not,  I have already made a big leap forward with your speaker stands.  For the record,  in addition to the Magneplanars, I use two Audio Research VT100 MkIIs that are "vertically" bi-amped into the MG20s;  the signal from the VPI/Graham/Benz Micro or Audio Research CD2 goes to a Convergent Audio Technology preamp to a Marchand valved active electronic passover to the aforementioned Audio Research basic amplifiers.   Speaker cable and interconnect by Cardas and Nordost respectively.   The Magneplanar people would do well to team up with you somehow as their products stand(no pun intended) to benefit the most. (20.1)

Paolo, Milano Italy: Please let me tell you how happy I am with my stands for the Magneplanar1.6. For all the owners of maggies! One must spend this money for the stands because until you don't have them you cannot hear the rock solid bass, and feel the wide and deep image(specially listening to L.P.'s)Everything arrive to your door in wooden crates, quickly (4 weeks from Canada to Italy) ready to be easily mounted and then You can begin to re-listen. Mr. VanderMye is great . Thank you .Paolo Milano Italy (1.6)

Mike, WA: Thank you for making a pair of Mye Sound speaker stands for my Magnepan MMGs.  I am very pleased by the improvement they made to the sound of my system.  I had hoped for, and was surprised by the difference.  I knew from reading on various web sites that Magnepan MMG speakers need to be stood up vertically and raised a bit to reach their full potential.  It's true, and your stands have definitely made a positive difference.  The image is more solid, and somehow deeper.  I've listened for 5 days (on and off, I do sleep and eat :-) ), and I keep hearing things that I never noticed before.  It's like when I first got my Magnepans, old music became new, listening to favorite passages over and over, not believing there was more music in that same old recording.  I don't have to tell a fellow Maggie owner about that, you know what I mean.  
     Something else VERY strange happened.  My Wife came into the music room, and sat down to listen.  She said "The stereo sounds more real.".  I was stunned.  She is an absolute NON audiophile.  For her to notice a change, that was astounding. 
     Mye Sound speaker stands are also very fine looking and impressively stout.  The welds are beautiful and the finish is perfect.  I chose wrinkle black and they are very beautiful.  Your packaging is impressive too.  I can't remember the last time something arrived in a wooden crate.
     Again, thank you for making such a fine pair of speaker stands. (MMG)

Mike, IL on planar asylum and also on AudioCircle (MGIIIA)


Carl, NY (Tympani IVA)

Kevin Johnson, NC: The stands are beautiful and your packing would have withstood an alien attack. As for the sound, I was expecting some improvement in bass definition but I was amazed at how much more refined my Maggies now sound overall with your stands. With the OEM stands the 1.6s had a bit of wooliness that I always just assumed to be part of the "Maggie warmth". With your stands it is COMPLETELY eliminated and replaced with much greater bass definition and pitch. The biggest surprise however was the improvement in midrange clarity. Low lever detail which was only hinted at with the OEM stands is now revealed and its just "spooky"... I found myself hearing much further into the mix on everything I play. Considering the construction quality and improvement in sound, your stands are a bargain. Thank you very much and I wish you all the best. (1.6)

Blake, MA: ....clear and easy to follow assembly instructions, and the beautiful fit and finish.  It may sound strange to say this, but I like the way my Maggies look a lot more with your stands in place.....bass is more dynamic and tight, and all instruments sound more solidified (less distortion) and real, with more bloom. ....I do have many live BSO concerts at Symphony Hall as a reference in this area, so I feel qualified to speak on this point (so often reviewers lose sight of the ultimate goal: faithful reproduction of live music). (3.6)

John, Colorado (1.6)

Andrew, Florida: When I first ordered the Myestands for my MMGs, I thought that the delivered price seemed like a lot. I also thought 4-5 weeks seemed excessive for delivery. Then, they arrived. I was at first very impressed by the fact that they were packed in a wooden crate which seemed like overkill until I saw the stands themselves. Let me tell you, theses are worth every penny and I’m glad wooden crates were used to protect these beauties. Craftsmanship is absolutely first rate, right down to the very substantial brass floor spikes. Considering that Grant makes these a pair at a time (not mass-produced), I don’t know how he turns a worthwhile profit. I also understand why it takes a while to get them. Sonically, they make a very nice improvement by making the MMGs clearer and more focused while tightening up the bass. I tried all the adjustable heights and while they do sound best at the greatest height, the MMGs don’t look that aesthetically pleasing a foot in the air, so I went with the lowest setting which gives me about 95% of the sonic quality and image height, while looking very sharp. I can’t believe Magnepan doesn’t offer the Myestands as a factory upgrade, they’re such a no brainer. (MMG)

Harald, Germany (in German) (3.6)

Joe, New Jersey (3.6)

Mart, New York; Planar Audio Asylum moderator (2.7)

Wendell, California (1.4)

Ken, California (MG20)

Bill, Wales UK (2.6) (Also see post on MGIIIA attached)

John, Illinois: The packaging is the best I have ever received. The stands are in perfect shape. The directions and all of the parts are here. I put them together myself. The stands look beautiful. Matte black is definitely the right color for my maggies. Everything fit perfectly. What your stands have done for my system is beyond my expectations. The imaging, depth, air, sound stage, focus, and bass were all improved. I expected that. What I didn't expect was the sweetness, the singing of the instruments the "rightness" of everything. It was, as if I was hearing my reference cds and sacds for the first time. I have a wonderful system. Today, I heard it perform to its capabilities for the first time. Thank you (1.6)

Bill, Massachusetts Scroll down to BillM's post.... (3.6)

Gary, Georgia (1.6)

Richard, Quebec: "When my wife came back from work and entered the listening room (she did not know I had installed the stands nor could she see them) she mentioned the following: Richard, what happened to the system? The sound is much more pleasant and immediate and it feels like a curtain has been removed between the speakers and me. This said, it is the best upgrade I ever performed since I purchased the Magnepan 3.5 speakers. I listened to music until 3:30 am that Friday evening... I think that says it all!" (3.5)

Nick, California (1.6)

Michael, Calgary: ...they do indeed make a huge difference...the biggest improvement, I think, is that the slight opaqueness that, to a certain degree, all Maggies suffer from is completely gone!...So overall, I would say that this is an essential and THE FIRST upgrade that Maggie owners should consider before thinking about new cables, subwoofers, more powerful amps or crossover modifications. (3.6)

Tim, Minnesota: "This has been the most significant improvement in my system to date and also the cheapest.  I would recommend that anyone who has Magneplanar speakers buy your stands before they do anything else.  They will then fully appreciate what these speakers are capable of and only then, be able to evaluate improvements from cables, components, ac conditioners etc. There is one thing I want to emphasize to others contemplating purchasing your stands.  Please don't do what I did!  Please don't spend thousands of dollars an ancillary equipment BEFORE stabilizing the panels of your speakers.  The first thing you should do is BUY THESE STANDS.  Then, and only then, will you be able to appreciate the subtle but also important improvements in sound that come at a much greater price. (3.6)

David, Florida (3.6)


Joe, Kansas: "Mye stands are not a tweak, they are essential to the best reproduction from Magneplanar 3.6s. Bass definition and impact, "slam" if you will, are substantially improved. The midrange, however, reveals the biggest improvements: the stands remove a subtle veiling, especially in complex orchestral passages. Piano overtones are much more realistic; vocals are just more present. Imaging stability and depth of stage are both noticeably improved. In short a significant upgrade for a VERY fair price. (3.6)


Kevin, Alaska: ".... recordings of my favorite pianist, Sviatoslav Richter, sound noticeably better with the stands-- both in forte but also in "singing" and piano tones." (3.6)


Rich, Oregon: "Your stands are, dollar for dollar, the best upgrade I've ever implemented in the 29 years that have passed since I had my first good stereo system." (3.6)


Bob, Nebraska (1.6)


Jonathan, New York: "Fit and finish is excellent.... Your stands are a great value and I would warmly recommend them to anyone with Maggie 1.6 speakers." (1.6)


Mark, Minnesota (3.6)


Bill, Alabama (3.6)


Bob, Massachusetts (3.6)


Scott, Vancouver (2.6)


Ron, Virginia (3.6)


Mark, Florida (1.6)


Danielle, New Mexico (1.6)


Benjamin, California: "....like they say in "Stereophile," Highly Recommended!" (3.6)


Paul, California: "Very nice fit & finish!" .... "an immediate sound quality difference." "Voices were a lot more articulate ...." (MGIII)


Davey, Washington (1.6)


Thad, California (1.6)


Joe, Michigan (3.6)


Jim, Kentucky  ... and a later post (1.6)


Larry, California (1.6)


Steven, Ontario (1.6)


Jay, Florida (1.6)